Green Time mural.

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So I was asked to produce a wall mural for a brand new vegan/vegetarian joint called Green Time on Fort st in Auckland CBD. I absolutely loved this project, there was a lot of creative freedom and I've had experience with vinyl in the past including the installation although I'm glad I wasn't needed to do any installing this time around. The final size of the whole mural came to 1.5 metres high by 6 metres wide! The entire thing was created on Illustrator, inspiration came from info-graphics, the Shaky Isles' wall art, Cowspiracy (watch if you haven't already), NASA & global warming sites. It is split into two sections: 'Planet Earth is getting warm,' which has one half pointing out the Causes (Greenhouse gases etc) and the Consequences (extinction, abnormal weather etc) and 'So let us do something about it' which educates everyone on ways to reduce that carbon footprint and to just actually care about our planet! Project took just under a month from the initial brief to the actual installation date in store.
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